• Bridget Hardy

December News


Please include any of the information below in newsletters etc.

1. Disability Hospitality Training Video

The group is working on a training video for staff in shops, restaurants, attractions and more to raise awareness of how to support people with disabilities and long term conditions. The plan is to work with Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round, Scarborough to develop something which is fun and informative.

2. Accessible Scarborough

We will be revisiting our work on this in 2019. Please let us know if you want to be involved in trying to improve the accessibility of shops, restaurants, cafés and more in Scarborough and surroundings.

Already we have had success at the Water Park, KFC and Pizza Hut.

We are now working to ensure that the new cinema complex in Scarborough has a

Changing Places facility.

3. Wheelchairs issues

The wheelchair and community equipment service for North Yorkshire is not always meeting people’s needs. The provider of the service is going to restart the Wheelchair Forum/Focus Group which will meet regularly from 2019. Please get involved if you can. It is important that all issues are raised so the service can improve.

4. Coventry University access

Members of the Forum visited the University building in Scarborough. Generally facilities were good but there were issues for people with visual and/or hearing impairments including no hearing loop at reception.

The Forum will follow up the University to ask what changes they have made following the YCRDF visit. We are also contacting Building Control to raise concerns that public buildings are being signed off without adequate provision for people with hearing loss and particularly no hearing loops.

5. YCRDF website and Facebook

We have a new website: www.ycrdf.org.uk and a Facebook page. They will be developed during early 2019.

6. Next YCRDF meeting

Thursday 7 February, 1pm at the Friends Meeting House, Quaker Close, Woodlands Drive, Scarborough